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Inspired by Nature


       How It All Began......

After years of searching for the ‘perfect product’ I was feeling frustrated. I’d tried or considered just about everything, candles and lavender soaps just weren’t my thing. I longed for something different.

Trained as a Landscape Gardener and having always been inspired by nature the product had to be natural, handmade and sustainable.

        Greg Beattie, Owner – Hauraki Salt Company.


During a visit to my local farmers market one Sunday morning I came across a man doing a cooking demonstration.

He was proudly using ingredients from producers all over the market.

Meat from the local butcher, vegetables from a local grower, sauce from a local maker.

Presented to the hungry crowd as the most local and fresh plate of food you could ever get.

He then proceeded to reach under his bench, pulled out a box of sea salt from the other side of the world and sprinkled it all over the dish.

To me this was an ‘Oh my gosh’ moment, it was as if the heavens had parted and it was a sign from above.

I should make a local sea salt! Why had no one done this yet?

This will be my new product and I must see it through.