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The Process

It’s not often that you can start a business where the raw material is one of the most abundant materials on the planet, sea water.



Our main cost is in the energy required to evaporate the water, right down to being able to harvest the left over salt.

The aim has been to do this in the most efficient and sustainable way possible.


The artisan salt industry worldwide is tiny with just a handful of makers in each country so it’s not like we could just order salt making equipment off the shelf, because it doesn’t exist.

We developed our own production method after many failures in terms of viability and quality. Thinking outside the box was essential.

Our custom made and designed equipment utilises electricity and negative pressure to essentially speed up the evaporation process.

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The Result.....

Did you know that water evaporates at different rates dependent on what atmosphere you are at?

Water will boil at 100 degrees Celsius at sea level but you could boil water on Mt Everest at much lower temperatures and speed up evaporation as well.

It’s all about physics, finding the sweet spot between time, energy and pressure.

After two and a half years we now have a process that is totally unique and innovative making it possible to be New Zealand’s first viable, artisan salt maker.