Line's Knaekbrod Rosemary with Hauraki Sea Salt 115g

Line's Knaekbrod Rosemary with Hauraki Sea Salt 115g


Our collaboration with Line’s Knaekbrod - Danish Crackerbred. Gold medal winning product at the Outstanding Food Producer Awards.

Rosemary flavour with Hauraki Salt Company sea salt. Danish family recipe by Auckland artisan producer Line Hart. In its simplest form Knaekbrod is a basic crackerbread, no artificial flovourings, dairy, sugar or yeast, just the natural flavours and oils from the seeds and a touch of salt. These are very moreish and go well with smoked salmon, cream cheese, avocado or on its own!

Ingredients. Wheat flour, olive oil, linseed (11%), sunflower seed (9%), Pumpkin seed (9%), sesame seed (8%), oats, salt, Himalayan (base), Hauraki sea salt (topping), rosemary, baking powder, (raising agents 500,450)

Allergens; gluten containing cereals, sesame.

Made from local and imported ingredients. 115 gram net.

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